Related to Richard Nixon? Looking for Tricky Dick

In 1970, Richard Milhous Nixon was invited to a Nixon family reunion near Owosso, Michigan. The sitting U.S. President declined the invitation in a standard letter, or rather, one of his staff declined on his behalf.  The scuttlebutt has always been that the Michigan Nixons are related to President Richard Nixon.

This has possibly been researched to some degree by Larry Nixon but he has apparently dropped off the grid as all attempts to find him have failed.   It is still worth piecing together for the novelty.   So going backward in time, I’ll compare, Richard Nixon’s tree [GREEN text for ease of reference] to Harold Nixon’s tree [BLUE text].   Harold representing the Nixons in Michigan.

Family Tree Comparison:

Richard Milhous Nixon v. Harold Franklin Nixon

Generation 1

Richard Milhous Nixon was born January 9, 1913 in Yorba Linda, California and he died April 22, 1994 in New York City.  Richard had daughters Patricia ‘Tricia’ and Julie.

Harold Franklin Nixon was born 15 July 1906 in Falls Gore, Hocking, Ohio and he died May 1964 in Michigan.   Harold had a son, Harold “Nick” Nixon Jr (1931 – 1991.)  Harold has a living son so this male Nixon line is still active.  He also had 2 daughters.

Clearly, there was no immediate relationship.  If there was, Richard would have much more likely attended the family reunion.  Or at least had Pat, his wife, decline the invitation by phone.  We move on.

Generation 2

Richard Milhous Nixon’s Quaker parents were Francis Anthony Nixon and Hannah Milhous (1885 – 1967).   Since we are talking about the shared surname of Nixon, we can ignore the lineage of the spouse at this time.    Francis Anthony Nixon was born December 3, 1878 at Elk Township, Vinton County, Ohio.  He died on September 4, 1956 in La Habra, California.  Neither parent saw Richard as President.

Harold Nixon’s parents were George Washington Nixon and Stella Theresa Mowery {Maury} (1885 – 1932).  George was born in Hocking County, OH.   George died in Kent County, Michigan in 1972.  Stella lived her entire life, about 47 years, in Hocking County, OH. 

A bit more plausible relationship now.  It is late 1800’s, and both Nixon families are in Ohio. Richard’s family is in Vinton County and Harold’s is in Hocking County, OH.  These are neighboring counties in Ohio.  Hocking’s southern border is  with Vinton.  Still, not related directly.

Generation 3

Francis Anthony Nixon’s parents were Samuel Brady Nixon (1847 – 1914) and Sarah Ann Wadsworth (1852 – 1886). Francis was born in Atlasburg, Smith Twp, Washington Co, PA in 1847 and died in 1914 in Vinton County, OH.  Interestingly, Sarah was born in Hocking County and she married Samuel in 1873 in Hocking County. 

George Washington Nixon’s parents were Samuel B Nixon (1851 – 1931) and Elizabeth Malvina Burgess (1851 – 1932).  Samuel was born in 1851 at Monday Creek, Perry Co, OH and died in 1931 Hocking County.  Elizabeth was born in Wells Co, Indiana and she married Samuel in 1872.  They reside in Hocking County.    Samuel’s middle name may have been ‘John’ but still need evidence,

I can’t yet say the “B” is for Brady, but that would be an odd coincidence if Richard and Harold had grandparents with identical names born 4 years apart.  Both families have some relatives in Hocking County.  We are now in the same neighborhood, literally. Could these two young men of nearly the same age (5 yrs apart), with near identical names (Samuel B Nixon), in the same Ohio county (Hocking), at the same time (early 1870’s), not know about each other?  Still, no relationship established.

Generation 4

Samuel Brady Nixon’s parents were George Nixon (1821 – 1863) and Margaret Ann Trimmer (1826 – 1865).  Margaret was born in Smith Twp, Washington County, PA.  She met and married George there in 1843.  The family later moved to Vinton Co, OH.  George Nixon famously died from his wounds at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. He’s buried near where President Lincoln gave his famous Emancipation Proclamation speech.

Samuel B Nixon’s parents were John William Nixon (1823 – 1898) and Deborah Wilson (1817 – 1880).  John William Nixon was born in Harrison, VA but by age 27 was married to Deborah Wilson from Perry Co, OH and living in Falls, Hocking, OH.  This is an important connection.  This household has some support for two more generations back in time, BUT, need to verify Samuel’s relationship. They all live in the same area of Ohio.

Washington County is one county removed from being the most southwest county of Pennsylvania.  It is bordered on the west by Ohio County, West Virginia (Virginia).  There is a little panhandle neck of land on the north of WV.

West Virginia became a state in 1863.  But in 1820, Harrison was still part of the single State of Virginia.  There is little connection between the Harrison, VA and Washington, PA counties as far as this genealogy search.  No direct family connection has been found.

It is at this point that family lines get harder to establish.  More of Harold Nixon’s line is undocumented and Richard Nixon’s gets more generalized.

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