Barnabas Banghart – 1850 U.S. Census – Move from NJ to MI

In 1850, Barnabas Banghart (Age 36) had settled in Oakland County, Michigan with his wife Rosetta (25) and their children Nelson (5) and Mary (3).  Farmers with property valued at $1,000.  The entire family was originally from New Jersey including the young children so they are fairly recent arrivals.

New Jersey to Michigan
New Jersey to Michigan

The U.S. Census, along with military records, are most useful in tracking family when they start to move across the country.  No local organization has the resources to track where their residents go after they leave the area.  Around the early 1800’s, Banghart family members started to leave New Jersey, where they had lived for over 100 years, and spread into the new territories and States.

This data was enumerated on 16 August 1850.  Working from the listed ages backward we can obtain approximate family birth years. Nelson would be born ‘about’ 1845 (1850 -5) and his sister Mary about 1847. Since she was born in New Jersey, there is about a three-year window to answer the question… when did the family move?

Barnabas Banghart (1814 – 1885) is son of Michael Banghart Jr (1772 – 1846) and Elizabeth Cummins (1776 – 1845) from Oxford, Warren, New Jersey.  Rosetta M Shannon (1825 – 1903) is daughter of David Davis Shannon (1792 – 1884) of Oxford, Warren, New Jersey.  Nelson Banghart would enlist to fight in the Civil War.

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