Ty Warren Brodhagen (1960 – 1989)

This is an active entry and will be revised.   Unlike 100 years ago, many fewer relatives die at a young age.

In part, this website is a response to the passing of Ty Warren Brodhagen at 29 years old.  Ty was born in Kalamazoo, MI in 1960 to James Brodhagen and Sandra Lee Needham.  Ty died November 28, 1989 while playing pick-up basketball with childhood friends and co-workers at the high school gymnasium.  This year (2014) is the 25th anniversary of this event.

Unknown to everybody, Ty had a congenital heart condition that left him vulnerable to viruses and environmental stress.  A multi-sport athlete Ty was in excellent condition.  But he had a latent health issue.  Prior to the basketball game Ty felt fatigued and had cold symptoms, during the game he couldn’t quite get his breath.  He collapsed.  His passing was sudden and frightening for all his friends who rushed to get help and administer care.  This was before cell phones so calling for help required breaking into a locked school office.

Ty’s grandfather Leonard Brodhagen (1911 – 1989) had just died the previous month so Ty’s sudden passing was a double trauma for the family.  After these events much of his family lost touch with each other.  This is also an effort to remember and rediscover the past.

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