Jack to the last

Jack Daniels shot kills Charles Weston

Widower Charles Weston was a farmer and husband to Mary Ann Ransom (1829 – 1871).  A Middlesex Englishman married to a Yorkshire woman.  A son of William Weston and Ann Windsor of England, Charles came to America and settled in Sanilac County, Speaker Township, Michigan.   He is the father of Elizabeth Weston (1849 – 1885) and Ellen Amelia Weston (1865 – 1916), among others. He would be the Great Grandfather of Ethel Reen Kerr (1900 – 1996).

On 2 Feb 1899 Charles was drinking Jack Daniels, Tennessee sour mash whiskey.  The doctor would later report “He had a Jack shot produced shock [t]o system resulting in heart-failure the immediate cause of death.”   Michigan Medical Certificate for Cause of Death. Medical care being what it was, perhaps, it was either alcohol, vinegar, or leaches for what ailed you.  Alcohol sales were brisk.

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  1. According to his son Dale, Olin Lyle Banghart had heart problems. At times, sweating and pale, Olin would send Dale for alcohol when his “ticker” was acting up.

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