About This Site – Guide

What is the purpose of this site?  To communicate detailed genealogical information for a group of primarily Michigan and Ohio families.  The goals is three-fold:  to communicate directly relevant family information to interested family and friends; to create a place where we might find missing ancestry by making connections with other researchers; and finally, to give ideas on how other genealogists might pursue their own research.

What states and countries are involved?  Our families lived mostly in Michigan, Ohio, Virginia (Before West Virginia), Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.  Northerners.  They are mostly immigrants from England, Ireland, Scotland and what is now Germany.  Because of Michigan’s location, many people here were British citizens in Canada, or eventually Canadians.

What surnames are involved?  In an ever changing list, this site includes:  Banghart, Brodhagen, Brown, Kerr, Nixon, Young, Weston, Tenniswood, Yoho, Koehler, Doty, Woolner, and  Dyer, among others. As much as possible I try make LINEAGE CONNECTIONS and highlight them in BLUE.  A quick summary.  This is primarily for the informed family reader who already knows their living relatives but needs a helpful reminder about a particular connection to dead ones.

Where does information come from and what about privacy?  Most everyone mentioned on this site by their full name and birth has passed.   For reasons of privacy, living persons are usually identified by first names, if at all.  As a genealogical history, we are looking back in time to lives and events that surrounded these ancestors, not to keep in touch about work and last Christmas. Most events would be before the 1980’s.  The information is in great part already public or in the public domain. Much of it is available on Ancestry.com.  Public obituaries may contain names of living persons.

What if I would like to contribute?  If you would like to participate with the site as a Contributor contact site IT administrator: [email protected]

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